Yok Don National Park Vietnam

  Yok Don National park is located four communes in Dak Lak province: Ea Bung and Chu M’Lanh communes of Ea Sup district, Krong Na communeof Buon Don district, and Ea Po commune of Cu Jut district. The national park covers a flat plain that extends from eastern Cambodia into northern Dak Lak province and southern Gia Lai province in Vietnam. 1. Topography of Yok Don National Park Vietnam: Yok Don National Park is flat area with an elevation of 200 m with lowland landscape dominated by dry forest studded with seasonal pools. Semi-evergreen forest can also be found in the national park along watercourses. There are also several ranges of low hills within the national park; the highest peak is the eponymous Mount Yok Don at 482 m in the south-eastern range. Yok Don National Park is bisected by the Srepok River- a major tributary of the Mekong River in Vietnam. The two largest streams in the area, the Dak Ken and Dak Na, are ramified to a series of interrupt